Prva konvencija živog čovjeka – “Čovjek energetsko biće”

prva konvencija baner 3Da ne bi bilo da smo na konvenciji pričali samo o pravnim postulatima između ostalih se pobrinula Tamara Carević. Tamara je psihoterapeut po raznim metodama i konstalator koji ima percepciju za skeniranje psiholoških profila ljudi, ili bolje rečeno osoba. Tamara nas je na ovom predavanju posjetila koliko je osoba krhko biće i koliko je podložna promjenama, a također i programabilna. Iskusni terapeut samo kroz određene geste, način govora, držanje tijela može odrediti ključne psihološke točke koje određuju slabosti i snage osobnosti na koje se mi danas uvelike nažalost oslanjamo. Tako kad osoba shvati koliko je zapravo neautentična, već isključivo ritmičko-repetitivna počinje prosec oslobođenja osobe, ili kako je Mooji rekao ne oslobođenje osobe, već oslobođenje od osobe.

9 thoughts on “Prva konvencija živog čovjeka – “Čovjek energetsko biće”

  1. zenfjaka 03/07/2018 at 18:14

    O,Istina, jesi m ili ž nean pojma, jel ti to mene nagovaraš na va Ginu??? malo je često spominješ:P… mala lipo piva šta je je…nisan ni ja ološ kad me krene ali sad san u radnom modu pa ću na brzinu dat domaći uradak a i zapivat u pauzi:P
    … budeš li konzultiratla guglavog neš daleko stić… znaš kad si na rubu provalije, govore da i noga u gujcu je korak naprid…, zeznuto ako nisi parašutist i nemaš opremu:)

    Activation has been set off!

    Lightworkers, volunteers, and earth warriors have to embrace, activate and integrate these upgrades. They have to march on, be themselves, embody their truth and unite as one.

    If you experience any of these 20 signs your soul is getting necessary Quantum Upgrades so you can become the Lightworker you were meant to be.

    1. You connect to intense highs of lighter frequencies. You have floating and flying sensations, as well as blissful rushes of love.

    2. You have energetic healing upgrades. You see this in lucid dreaming and astral projection.

    3. You see through politics. You have a deep perception of the link between corporate politics, pharmaceutical, and drug and arms industry.

    4. You are overly sensitive to the energy around you.

    5. You breath deeper and slower, into the solar, sacral and root chakras. You flex your muscles as the chi energy is drawn into your being.

    6. You appreciate synchronicity, number codes and the language of nature. These have become an integral part of your understanding of how the world operates around you.

    7. You experience deja vu, dimensional slippage, time fluctuations, and flashbacks.

    8. You feel the need or the renewed drive to get on with your mission. This mission includes changing, healing, and protecting the world.

    9. You feel the Chakra activations. This causes heart palpitations, low blood pressure, nausea, aches and even flu-like symptoms.

    10. You draw some people towards you, like a moth to a light.

    11. You feel disinclined by other people. They stay away from your energy.

    12. You are less able to adapt to a stealth mode and more careful on the choice of your companions.

    13. You move your body to enable and encourage energetic flow. You are drawn to activities like chi gong, reiki, and yoga. It matters much to you to be flexible, looser, more fluid in movement; to have open hips and pelvis, chest and shoulders; to have a straightened back and aligned hips.

    14. You have an increased empathic feelings. You also feel the need for vigorous self-care to transmute and clear negative energy regularly.

    15. You trust more the universal flow of love frequency. You are attuned to knowing the right things.

    16. You consciously reprogram yourself from matrix algorithms. The heightened awareness of how, when, why the programming works, and the use of tools to unplug simplify your life.

    17. You practice manifestation consciously. You employ mantras, focused intentions, and meditations all throughout the day and night in order to reset, rebalance, and realign your internal vibration.

    18. You experience intense periods of the release of karmic and matrix toxins. Physical symptoms include shaking, shivers, heat waves or nausea, aches, and pains. To overcome this, you have to surrender, accept, release it and just be.

    19. You have mixed feelings of depression, anxiety, despair, restlessness, sudden mood swings, and very low energy. You have to go through these to attain lightness of being, and the expanded consciousness.

    20. You have a feeling of connectedness to everything. This oneness of being is felt at a soul level.

    You are a cosmic surfer riding on waves of quantum evolution. As the activation heightens, the days drag you down. You must never be overcome by this phenomenon. Drink lots of water, swim, or bath. The water clears and cleanses your energetic field.

    You experience a deeper sense of connection with mind, body, and soul. You move beyond perception. You are a part of everything that happens in the world, whether it fluctuates or breathes.

    Out of body experiences, deep breathing, spontaneous stretching, and intense shaking are some of the experiences felt during upgrades. It may seem to be a wild experience as you feel the Chakra activations. Never fight it. Just flow with these upgrades.

    Rebooting and realigning your structural makeup are necessary. Bring your energetic being online by freeing from blockages the flow of energy through your Chakras. You will feel looser, more flexible and driven by power from within.

    As a healer, a teacher, or an earth warrior, you are being pushed further into fifth dimension expansion: the zen state of peace and serenity. In this state, everything feels beautiful, compassionate, and just while operating within the matrix.

    The matrix could be aggressive and hostile, never passive. Many factors would threaten to drag you down: global politics, horror stories presented daily, personal dramas and challenges. All these destroy the Zen. But you must not allow it to manipulate you.

    Your role:

    You are a light warrior. As a warrior, you have to stand up front and be ready to fight. Fight for love, light, and peace. Fight with your energy and healing. Light the way. Get up when you fall. Rest and haul yourself back up should you lose your will.

    It may seem small, but you must aspire to spread love in all your interactions. Avoid negative energy. Listen to your own energetic system. Trust your gut responses. Spark that inner light within you for others to see. Share love, spread light and raise vibrations wherever you go.

    You may bounce back and forth, up and down the frequency spectrum like a pinball, yet you have the ability to reach the higher dimensions. You must overcome too, the tendency of crashing back to earth literally.

    The transition:

    The matrix is further disabled by intensive evasive actions, as well as diversions and divisive tactics. These leads to a dark and stormy transition, unstable and unpredictable.

    But you have the power to ground it with mindfulness, replenishing and realigning your mind, body and soul systems with self-care. You must embrace, integrate, recalibrate, and own these cosmic upgrades.

    What you need to do:

    Use the tools of holistic healing and nature. Follow the rules of engagement that can guide you. Take the full responsibility of your light.

    Should you find your energy is off, your juju heavy and grimy, you need to stay home. Avoid contact, seek rest, solitude, hydration, and soul tribe nourishment. Be back when you’re fully replenished.

    Your mission on earth is not one big clash. The battle between good and evil is ongoing daily. You just have to be constantly present, mindful, grateful and grounded.

    Expand your consciousness with energy work, healing, and meditation. You must work on core balance, meditate love frequency regularly to raise vibrations and stay connected to guides.

    The battle has begun, and you are in it.

    Your mission:

    Humanity needs you. Let it see itself in your eyes. Show it compassion, humility, hope, and love. You set the energy and the wavelength. Set the frequency and maintain it all through the day with mantras, breathing, protection and healing. Even smiling helps.

    Trust your third eye and gut instincts. Never be fooled by appearances and programming. Be assured that you are not alone. You have help and guidance.

    Always stay calm, protected and pay attention to self-care.

    How to protect your home:

    Create a perimeter of crystals in your home. Use sage to smudge. As you place the crystals and smudge repeat this mantra: ‘I cleanse and clear this home from all lower vibrations’.
    Use these Mantras:

    ‘I embrace all upgrades appropriate for me under the protection of my higher self.

    I am a being of light, compassion and love.

    I send love to *** (repeat three times for each person including yourself).’


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    … skoro pismu zaboravija, pozz Gini:)


    • istina 06/07/2018 at 09:10

      kako se smanjuje i bistri očna mrena
      uputno je pogledati šta ima i od zena
      a od djelovanja sunčeve zrake
      i nije nužno da će biti fjake
      no ispisane poruke su korisne i jake.
      …..također zanimljiv odabir pisme kao po prišapnutoj vibraciji di mi je posebno draga ova izvedba a poanta je ufaćena vibracija ugode… kao da je od Nikole Dupera koji je tu “ugodu” plasirao na poseban način sa izvorom iz dubina na potezu Split-Ancona….a ima veze sa odabranim ispisom….a sad pođi na morski greben i se pazi(………………..). pa poslušajmo prilog….

  2. zenfjaka 02/07/2018 at 10:27

    …lako za babe bez zuba, bar nemogu ujist ali ded u orijevodu znači murtav, 🙂
    ..zaslužija si mada ti prijevod nije baš na nivou street dancera (google malo manta)… ovo je za Istinu od T. Mare :)…vako se maše (pleše) reka bi Mujo…
    H (s)ai baba:D… Z

    • istina 03/07/2018 at 15:20

      prilog je zbilja poučan….eto vidiš netko mora ….početi u dobrom smjeru a guglavog bi vridilo i malo ispregledat a onda nebi ima za prigovor kao ni za onu sa Suska a i sai nije kako nam se pokazuje ima i kontre iako nema objašnjenja za ovo…

  3. zenfjaka 29/06/2018 at 22:08

    … i da nebi bilo da iggnore / osim pjesmom…
    … nek ti bude pjesmaTamaro od mene i pajdaša:)
    zlo 🙂
    … tama ne znači nužno zlo,,, sve je u pjesmi 😀

  4. zenfjaka 29/06/2018 at 17:48

    …dok se još može, nemam gdje s ovim obzirom na
    The Event Chronicle is SHADOW BANNED on Facebook. Please SHARE to help fight censorship!
    pa da podijelim…
    … ovo je zadnji dio teksta, ostalo na linku kao podsjetnik …
    Conclusion – Let’s organize!
    Believers or not, I thank you all for reaching this far!

    Now, to those of you who are ready to escape the Matrix of Control, please organize before proceeding with the “prison break.”

    Share this information with your closest friends (i.e. soul friends) and organize meeting points on the “other side. “Time” will “pass” differently once you escape the prison of your human vehicle, so you shouldn’t worry about being alone for “too long.”

    Giving the nanotravel capabilities, you will be reunited with your soul friends as soon as they make it to the other side as well.

    Be careful not to rush into another incarnation, regardless of the location (the “Orion Empire” thing is not something I resonate with).

    Personally, I’ll not be wandering around for long, before deciding to do something about those still enslaved in Earth’s Matrix of Control.

    Reincarnating here in order to raise mankind’s level of awareness (i.e. awakening) may sound like a good idea (maybe some of those reading this have done just that), but isn’t there something more we can do from the “other side,” as free & infinite beings?

    What’s your take on all this?

    • istina 02/07/2018 at 09:23

      a i babe čitaju iako bez zuba a i poneki d’ed..
      misli lokalno -djeluj globalno…pa evo i za njih guglov preved
      .a i neki su nam napisali za ono s druge strane…pazi se lažnih svjetala jer još nisi siguran netko želi da si vječno zatvoren i guglovitooo
      Zaključak – organiziranje!
      Vjernici ili ne, zahvaljujem vam svima što ste došli do sada!

      Sada, onima od vas koji ste spremni pobjeći iz Matrice nadzora, molimo Vas da organizirate prije nastavka s “zatvorskom stanjem”.

      Podijelite ove informacije s najbližim prijateljima (npr. Prijateljima duše) i organizirajte točke susreta na “drugoj strani. “Vrijeme” će “proći” drugačije nakon što pobjegnete iz zatvora vašeg ljudskog vozila, tako da ne biste trebali brinuti da ste “sami” predugo.

      Dajući nanotravel sposobnosti, bit ćete ponovno ujedinjeni sa svojim duševnim prijateljima čim se nađu na drugoj strani.

      Budite pažljivi da ne naletite na drugu inkarnaciju, bez obzira na to mjesto (“Orion Empire” nije nešto s kojim rezoniram).

      Osobno, neću se lutati dugo prije nego što odlučujem nešto učiniti s onima koji su još uvijek porobljeni u Zemljinoj matrici kontrole.

      Reinkarnacija ovdje kako bi se podigla razinu svijesti (tj. Buđenje) čovječanstva može zvučati kao dobra ideja (možda neki od onih koji to čitaju učinili upravo to), ali ne postoji li nešto više od “druge strane” kao slobodna i beskonačna bića?

      Kakvo je vaše uzeti na sve ovo? i hvala Raketi ča nas je lansira s balunom…….

  5. Ffff 28/06/2018 at 21:06

    Dražene, svaka čast za preduzetnički duh! Tako treba, samo šišaj/šišajte!


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